Form Endüstri Tesisleri A.Ş., is the manufacturing company of Form Group. With 55 years of engineering and manufacturing experience, Form Endüstri Tesisleri A.Ş. successfully manufacture completely domestic, state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient products, which are sold by other companies of the group. 

Having improved its domestic production activities with new agreements in 2019 and R&D studies, Form Endüstri Tesisleri produces Packaged air conditioners, Fancoil and Water-source heat pumps. 

Lennox branded domestic packaged air conditioner production

Form started to produce Lennox branded packaged air conditioners in its factory located in Izmir, within the scope of the license agreement concluded with American Lennox in 2019, with which it has been successfully partnering for 36 years. The agreement is also the first and only production license granted by Lennox, which has been in business for 100 years, for packaged air conditioners in international markets. Producing Lennox branded packaged air conditioners with capacities above 80 kW throughout 2019, Form has realized the mass production of Lennox packaged air conditioners in a wide range from 20 kW to 250 kW as from the second quarter of 2020, expanding its domestic production activities in this field. There is a production line only allocated for Lennox within the production facility. In this context, Form aims to increase the application areas of packaged air conditioners and increase its market share in parallel with the development of the market.

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Domestic production and R&D investments for heat pump

Succeeding many large projects in water- and ground-source heat pump with Climate Master, which it has represented, since 1993 in Turkey, Form started to mass production of domestic water-source heat pumps as of 2019, transferring its knowledge in domestic production. Thereby, Form diversified the product range offerings to its customers in the water-source heat pump category, offering different alternatives both technically and economically. Having produced with the state-of-the-art technology and drawing great attention in the sector, Form domestic heat pump stands out among other systems with its innovative structural features and wide capacity options, as well as its quality and price advantage.

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Efficient air conditioning solutions in indoor spaces with domestic Fancoil

Form branded Fancoil units, which have been produced as from 2018 with 55 years of experience and R&D studies of Form Group in air conditioning sector, stand out with silent operation feature approved by TUBITAK. By 2020, Form works towards diversifying the product range in this field with optimized capacity ranges and more compact device features in accordance with the needs of the market.

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