FesChill Units evaporates the inlet air of air cooled condensers with very low costs. The evaporative cooling pads, which are installed very easily in front of any air-cooled condensers, are continuously kept wet by a small water circulation pump. The current working fans of the condensers pass the external hot air over the wet pads to cool it, approaching to the wet bulb temperature. The cooled air passes on the condenser pads. This relieves the operation of condenser, enhances its cooling performance, reduces the energy consumption of cooling groups, increases the working performance of the system, reduces the operation pressure and prolongs the life of the compressor as well as reduces the risk of failure.



• Your condenser does not get wet.
• Your condenser does not calcify.
• Your condenser remains covered by warranty.
• Filters the condenser air
• Being the evaporative cooler with the lowest water consumption. • Stable operation.
• No temperature fluctuations in the system.
• Highly-efficient.
• High evaporation efficiency (up to 96%).
• Very low energy requirement.
• It is not a high-pressure system.
• Very low electricity consumption. (0.12 - 0.50 kW)
• Not contain any electrical and moving part except for a small circulation pump.
• Low pressure loss because of the lack of scale formation.
• Miniature version of the system used to increase efficiency in power cycle plants.
• The cheapest system solution.
• Very simple and smooth operation.
• Very easy and cheap automatic control.
• Very simple mounting.
• Ignorable maintenance cost.
• Extends the life of the group and compressor.


Why you should FesChill?

Cooling the condenser inlet air reduces the system operating pressure and the energy consumed by the compressor, increasing the cooling capacity. (for 26 kW Air-cooled Chiller Group with R22 Gas)

The table above shows the gain rates based on the comparison of the values obtained before and after precooling of the FesChill units and Chiller unit's condenser. After precooling, the temperature of the inlet air of the condenser decreased by 11̊C and the electric power consumed by Chiller decreased by 19%, and the cooling capacity increased by 11%. The COP of the condenser has increased by 36%. Due to precooling, every decrease of 1.8°C in the air temperature increased the condenser efficiency by 2%.

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