Plastic Case Units with Axial Fan



• Long life plastic case covered under 10-year warranty.
• Long-life electric motors with voltage and surge protection and IP55 Aluminum casing.
• Motors with IE2 / IE3 HIGH - PREMIUM energy efficiency class.
• SGM 2012/2 & EN 60034-30-1:2014 complies with Energy Efficiency Communique by the Ministry of Industry and Technology in accordance with European and National Standards.
• Inverter controlled fan flow rate.
• It has the highest pad area and it is the most efficient unit in the market.(for 25,000 and 30,000 m3/h)
• Nozzles for both circular and prismatic channels.
• Automatic time-adjusted drainage system.
• Controllable from LCD touch panel or remote control.
• Custom axial fan for ship's screw. Provides high pressure and exact flow rate.
• Optional Ozone Generator for high hygiene requirements.
• Optional Pollution sensor option.
• Optional Dosage system option.
• Optional Anti-Scale system (tablet) option.
• Cartridge filters in front of pads to filter inlet air.
• Easily cleanable. Replacement-free.
• Offers maximum cooling with high efficiency pads with high surface area.
• APB - Bottom discharge APT - Top discharge



 Model   FES25-APB FES25-APT   FES30-APB FES30-APT 
Air Flow Rate (m3/h) 25000 30000
Pressure (for 0 Pa) 200 250
Fan Speed Single Cycle / 20 Cycles (with inverter) Single Cycle / 20 Cycles (with inverter) 3.0
Power (kW) 2.2 3.0
Volt 230V / 380V 380V
Fan Type Axial Axial
Water Tank (I) 60 60
Dimensions WxLxH (mm) 1250x1250x1400 1250x1250x1400
Air Outlet Square (mm) 800x800 800x800
Air Outlet Diameter (mm) Ø710 Ø710
Pad Area (m2) 3.83 3.83
Control LCD Panel (with keys) Bluetooth Android LCD Panel (with keys) Bluetooth Android Automatic
Cleaning Function Automatic Automatic
Air Filter Net Cartridge Net Cartridge
Ozone Hygiene System Optional Optional
Water Inlet 1⁄2” 1⁄2”
Drainage 1” 1”
Empty Weight (kg) 100 100
Working Weight (kg) 160 160



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