Stainless Steel Case Units with Radial Fan



Stainless Steel body
IP55 long-life electric motors with voltage and surge protection.
Motors with IE3 PREMIUM energy efficiency class.
SGM 2012/2 & EN 60034-30-1:2014 complies with Energy Efficiency Communique by the Ministry of Industry and Technology in accordance with European and National Standards.
Optional panel with inverter-controlled fan flow rate.
Offers maximum cooling with high efficiency pads with high surface area.
Automatic time-adjusted drainage system.
Controllable from LCD panel (optional)
Long life, specially-coated radial fan with stainless steel bearing.
Optional Ozone Generator for high hygiene requirements.
Optional Pollution sensor option.
Optional Dosage system option.
Optional Anti-Scale system (tablet) option.
G4 filters in front of pads to filter inlet air (Optional).
Pads are located in a special extruded aluminum frame. They can be easily inserted or removed.
RCB - Bottom discharge
RCT - Top discharge
RCS - Side discharge



Air Flow Rate (m3/h) Pressure (Pa) 35000
Fan Speed 350
Power (kW) Tek Devirli
Volt 5.5
Fan Type 380V
Water Tank (I) Radyal
Dimensions (mm) 150
Air Outlet Square (mm) 1600x1600x1800
Pad Area (m2) 715x715
Control 7,20
Cleaning Function LCD Panel (with keys) Bluetooth Android Automatic
Air Filter G4 (optional)
Ozone Hygiene System Optional
Water Inlet 1⁄2”
Drainage 1”
Empty Weight (kg) 430
Working Weight (kg) 580




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