• Suitable for everyday ventilation (full ventilation when the flaps are at 90° position)
• High sound absorption capability up to 56 dB
• Endurance, functional design and high quality guaranteed by endurance test with 10,000 opening and closing cycles. Heat exposure and snow load resistance tests have been performed and documented.
• Good aerodynamic efficiency and good-low U-value; it does not create greenhouse effect in the interior.
• Double-walled mounting frame providing easy, rapid and cheap insulation. Maintenance-free hinges.
• Efficient drainage of rainwater via central drainage channels.
• Optimum solution for projects with high smoke-fighting requirements and heavy conditions.
• Suitable for any roof types. (flat roof, inclined roof, closed roof, glass roof, north roof, recessed ceiling lighting)
• The best system solution for smoke-fighting at places where acoustic and heat insulation is required such as theaters, movie theaters, laboratories.


Alternative Flap Types:

• FireFighter Smoke Evacuation flaps;


Alternative Flap Materials:





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