• It is mountable on walls with a slope from 30 degrees to 90 degrees as well as is ideal for roofs. • It is ideal for everyday ventilation including windy weather.
• Single actuator per unit is sufficient.
• It has a high aerodynamic efficiency. (Aa value)
• The channels inside the louver blades transfer the rainwater to the lateral drainage channel and thus preventing ingress to the building.
• It is triggered by the signal from the smoke sensor or central alert system.



Alternative Flap Materials:


• The plate under the louvers can be offered with different material options depending on the project.
• Smokejet’s casing is made of AlMg3 and AlMgSi0.5 alloys.
• The louvers are made of mobile blades that mounted inside the aluminum frame.
• It is easily applied on roofs and facades with its lightweight structure.




From 576mm x 705mm, 8 louver blades to 1926mm x 2966mm, 22 louver blades.





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